Hotmail Change Password

Hotmail Change Password

Hotmail change password: how to change Hotmail password? Solved: following step by step process to change Hotmail password. It is recommended to change Hotmail login password frequently. Good habit is to change password every few weeks.

Most of the new login users don’t know how to change Hotmail login password, so they keep using their password for long time of period. Using same password for long time of period, using same password for multiple websites and login from multiple devices are one of the risk factors for online.

We briefly discuss here: List of Hotmail login problems and how to solve this. Here we learn how simply and right way to change the password on email.

Also learn: How to reset Hotmail password.

 Hotmail Change Password Step 1:

change hotmail password

change hotmail password

Login to Hotmail account. If you are using from Laptop or computer, click your profile icone, where you see your name initializer. Then you should click view account

Change New Hotmail Password Step 2:

how to change hotmail password

hotmail password change

After clicking on view account, new page will load, scroll down util you find Security heading >>  update your security info >> click Update link which appears in blue color text.

Change Hotmail Password Step 3:

change hotmail password now

change hotmail password

After clicking that Update link you see next page download, in this page select Change Password button (blue color), to change password it is required to give old password or you are asked to re-sign in your Hotmail account. Again provide username and password, after successfully providing the password ( that means you are authentic user), you can choose new password for your Hotmail account.

By going directly you can skip above steps and directly can land on Microsoft account security page, where you can change your password

After that you can login your account with new password.

Under the Security Basic page, you see very important link, for example like, Change Password, Update Info, Review Activity we will discuss every of them in detail in your next section.

If you still face the problem on how to change Hotmail password, you can contact us via email or just simple comment below on comment section.


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